Host Booking Agreement

Thank you for booking with me! Before we finalize your special event, please provide the following information: 

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Please make checks payable to Alison Brook Segura as arranged. I, or the venue or organization I represent, agree to pay the following...
Travel Expenses
Travel expenses can be paid after the date of the concert when receipts and totals have been processed.
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I, or the venue or organization I represent, agree to the following...
Here is how you can help promote your event to make it a success:

Alison Brook Booking Agreement

In commitment to excellence I agree to the following:

  • Contribute to the promotion of the event. 
  • Provide printable posters and all other helpful promotional material.
  • If the event must be cancelled, I will provide 3 weeks notice aside from emergency or illness.
  • Keep a professional attitude. 
  • Present a meaningful, beautiful, and professional program for each event.
  • Be as helpful as possible in each step of event planning.

Thank you, 

Alison Brook